Our Clients


"We find WellSent extremely user-friendly and highly effective. It takes no expertise and almost no time to create great-looking newsletters and send them out to our subscribers. We especially love how easy it is to check on the success of each e-mail campaign. We can quickly check who opened their mail, when, how often and which links were clicked on - very valuable infromation when you try to optimise your campaigns!"

Angela Rookes Mount Golf Shop

"Well sent or heaven sent? Really it is a amazing tool for our company YKWAL, particularly for our online store. We see a direct link to sales after we send out an email and it is a really easy way to manage our databases. With help from Natalie at Well sent we have developed some awesome templates to suit us, I guess the options are pretty endless for creating great templates. The results and analytics that Well Sent give you are amazing, it is a really easy to use program and they get rid of your bounce emails for you. The cost seems really reasonable from what we have seen and it's so stress free and easy it's well worth every cent for us."

Dan from You Know We Aint Ltd (YKWAL)

"You were absolutely right - I'm very impressed with the reporting options!!"

Rosie Swinkel from Eastpack Ltd

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